Fall is great because we all can finally slow down a little to breathe and ponder the good things in life.

One of the good things in life is having your health. We tend to take health for granted, and Fall is the time to change all that.

In your quiet time meditating on thankfulness, be sure to include some of these wonderful things that your body offers to you on a daily basis:

  • Your heart beating without missing a beat
  • Your kidneys filtering your blood 24/7
  • Your GI tract acting like a massive food factory plant, giving you all the goodness from the foods you eat and throwing away all the waste that will harm you
  • Your feet that carry you everywhere no matter what you weigh
  • Your pelvis that allows you to give birth (men and women)
  • Your nervous system that allows you to feel calmness and a sense of security
  • Your sense of smell that lets you smell the wonderful scents of beautiful flowers, a newborn baby and a newborn puppy
  • Your tactile senses that allow you to feel your environment and yourself as well as benefit from hugs and petting the fur of animals
  • Your ability to speak to tell others what you need to say and encourage them
  • Your immune system that keeps you healthy even when exposed to viruses bacteria, and fungi
  • Your spine that integrates your entire nervous system
  • The receptors you have in all your joints that allow you to know where you are in space on a 3-D level
  • Your eyesight that allows you to see the faces of others, read, and become enamored with nature
  • Your joints that let your body move in different planes
  • Your muscles that allow you to move with grace, speed and strength
  • Your bones that give you the foundation your skeleton needs and keeps you together as one “piece”
  • Your brain that allows you to think and process everything that happens – all without you having to do much for it
  • Your intelligence
  • Your colon, which delivers a package three times daily

There’s one thing that isn’t on this list – your chiropractor!

What to Be Grateful For In Your Chiropractor

  • His magical hands that know how to adjust you
  • His intelligent brain that can take all your symptoms, compute them and come up with a plan that stupefies medical doctors because it works
  • His office where you can go when you need help
  • His office staff, always cheery and pleasant
  • His mind, that always seems to know how to motivate you when you are down in the dumps from pain
  • His initiative to get and use all types of pain-relieving methods that don’t harm you in any way
  • His gentleness in adjusting you
  • His ability to laugh at life and teach you how
  • His dedication to health and his ability to motivate you to move towards greater and greater health
  • All his rehab machines
  • His ability to listen to you when you have a new complaint even though you don’t state it in the right way and sound like a nag or accusing
  • His patience
  • How he goes out on a limb to help you
  • His smile!

We Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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