The fall leaves are beautiful but also treacherous! After a rainfall or an early snowfall, leaves on the ground become banana peels and cause people to take a hard tumble.


Did you know that about 9500 seniors die each year from falls? Although these aren’t all from wet leaves, falls represent a hazard.


But why do so many elderly people fall in the first place?


The answer is that as they get older, they lose their muscle strength and sense of balance. They also have less flexibility so they can’t really catch themselves to prevent the fall.


And then of course, there are those who fall because a hip breaks and makes them fall. Years ago, everyone thought that it was the fall that caused the hip to fracture, but researchers proved that it was the other way around. First the bones became so brittle that the tiniest little move was enough to make it fracture. And when that bone is the hip, the body can’t support itself anymore and down the person goes.


Make sure you get someone to rake your leaves and shovel your sidewalks and driveway this year. Do what it takes to prevent falls.


Here are some other statistics on falls:


  1. Women have a greater tendency to fall then men.
  2. The leading cause of death from injury for the 65 and older crowd is falls.
  3. More than 50% of all falls that kill people happen to those over the age of 75.
  4. If you’re a senior that ends up with a hip fracture from a fall, you have a 25% chance of dying from the injury within six months.
  5. Two out of every three people who fall will fall again in the next six months.


You can read these statistics without a sense of impending doom because you have the answer to falls:  chiropractic.


If you have a Humpty Dumpty moment don’t fear,  your chiropractor can put you back together again!


If you have suffered a fall and have back pain please give us a call. We’re here for you. (317) 776-1061


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