If you are suffering from neck pain, you have probably been prescribed drugs like aspirin, analgesics, and potentially addictive pain pills. While this care option does give you the much needed short-term relief from the pain, it does not work towards treating the root cause of your problem. The focus of Hamilton County Chiropractic is to help you feel better for years to come.

The fact is that neck pain is not caused by a lack of aspirin or other drugs. Dr. Beaber’s approach to neck pain is to locate the real cause, not just the symptoms. This process begins with a review of your complete case history and a thorough examination. Instead of looking wat what drugs will cover up the problem, Dr. Beaber will instead focus his attention on the structure and function of your spine, and its affect on your nervous system, to correct the issues.

Neck Pain Noblesville ChiropractorDr. Beaber is looking to see if proper spinal curve is present, and if the never openings between each pair of spinal bones are free and clear. Doc is also checking to see if your head is balanced, shoulders are level, and other important factors to plan adjustments personalized for your situation. His goal is to improve the motion and position of spinal vertebrae.

Once you experience an improvement in your structure and function the neck pain usually decreases. It may even completely disappear, and all without the use of addictive drugs.

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