Did you know that “football” chiropractors are on staff for all National Football League (NFL) teams? A football chiropractor is a chiropractor well trained in sports medicine that works with a football team.


In fact, some estimates state that only 10% of all world-class athletes aren’t using a football chiropractor to bring out their optimum performance.


Football is a high impact sport, and high impact sports can put stress on the body equal to what happens in a car accident to its occupants. The sudden jarring of the body when another player runs into a football athlete can even cause whiplash, and concussion.


Concussion and whiplash can cause headaches and damage the soft and hard tissues of the neck. They also are known for causing personality changes, if the brain trauma becomes something that is repetitive.


Other types of injuries that occur in football include the following injuries on the list below:


  1. ACL injuries – Did you know that the knee joint also can be out of alignment, especially when there’s an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament? This is Who better to put it back in alignment than a football chiropractor? Surprisingly, even physical therapists are not trained in how to properly align the joints in the body.


  1. MCL injuries – These knee injuries to the medial collateral ligament occurs when the football player is hit and knocked off balance from the side. And guess what… the knocking out of balance also causes the knee joint to go out of alignment. Another reason for getting to the football chiropractor.


  1. Torn meniscus – This type of injury occurs when a football player suddenly rotates his body but his foot is only in one place. Although medical help is often needed, the place of the chiropractor is in the acceleration of healing after the medical treatment.


  1. Ankle sprains and strains – Running on uneven ground is all it takes to get ankle sprains and strains. These heal quickly with advanced chiropractic methods.


  1. Muscle contusions – These are bruises. A football chiropractor will employ the latest and most advanced types of lasers that speed up healing of bruises.


  1. Torn hamstrings – Hamstrings tear if the load on them is too great or if the football player is not warmed up before starting running. Like the other types of injuries most football players are exposed to, this one will heal quickly if advanced chiropractic methods are used.


  1. Shoulder tendonitis – Repetitive motions such as throwing a football is enough to cause this injury. Tendons heal faster with a football chiropractor.


  1. Shoulder separation or dislocation – Ouch! This one is awfully painful. Just by the name – “dislocation” – you know that the joint is out of alignment. Who better to “pop” it back in place but your chiropractor?


Having a football chiropractor makes a lot of sense. If you’re hurting from an injury, get your medical attention, and then set up an appointment with your personal football chiropractor. You’ll be glad you did!


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