Overall, basketball is a healthy sport. Here are several of its benefits:

Healthy Benefits of Basketball

  1. You burn plenty of calories – up to 900 in a game. The chances of getting fat while you’re on a basketball team are pretty low.
  2. Your heart is strengthened by all the jumping and running. The game tends to keep your heart rate up and you build endurance.
  3. Your bones get stronger. Jumping makes bones get stronger.
  4. Like other sports, you gain skills of how to get along with others on a team. This is a skill that lasts for a lifetime.
  5. You increase you powers of concentration.
  6. Your muscles are leaner but strong.
  7. Your body’s awareness of where it is in space increases.
  8. You begin thinking faster. While playing the game, you have to constantly think ahead.
  9. Better coordination. Any clumsiness you have will disappear after playing basketball for a while.
  10. Playing basketball decreases your stress. You can’t possibly worry about something while focusing on what’s happening in the game. Basketball teaches you to leave you rworries behind.


If you’re looking for a sport that isn’t violent, basketball qualifies. You won’t see very many concussions in the sport – and that’s good. Who wants to end up with repeated brain injuries that cause aggression, suicide and personality disorders?


However, you will see lots of musculoskeletal injuries. Things like knee injuries, a broken nose, shin splints, jammed fingers, deep thigh bruises, groin and hamstring strains, and lumbar muscle sprains. All these are easily remedied by chiropractic. Most of them are temporary, and heal up 100% of the time. The only exception is some knee injuries that might need surgery, depending on what is torn.


If you do take up basketball, make sure you develop a health care team that can address all your needs. That includes a medical doctor, a chiropractor (for chiropractic musculoskeletal concerns, of which there are plenty), a podiatrist (your feet are especially important), a massage therapist, a nutritionist, and a game strategist (usually your coach).


Don’t overlook any of these professionals – you will suffer needlessly if you do!

For example, let’s say you have a lumbar strain/sprain. You get it diagnosed by a medical doctor. Then you go to your chiropractor who also works with a massage therapist and nutritionist. You get a quick checkup also at the podiatrist’s. All the changes made in the first week work together to cut down the healing process by at least 25%.


You can’t beat it! Hey, if you’re playing the sport now, do you have regular chiropctic appointments? If not, you’re missing out…



Sources: The 10 Most Common Injuries in Basketball.

The 10 Most Common Injuries in Basketball

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