Physical Therapy

We are proud of our physical rehab team here at Hamilton County Chiropractic. Their mission is to restore your strength, flexibility, and function. This is a very effective treatment for many spine problems, and a real compliment to our chiropractic care.

Our Noblesville physical rehab team will evaluate and develop custom treatment plans for you and get you on the path to living pain free.

Physical Rehab

Without some form of active care or rehab, recovering from an injury or spinal problem can be a challenge. Overlooking the importance of improved range of motion, muscle strengthening, posture, and correct spinal curvature can result in a relapse, with your original health issues returning time and again.

Therapeutic/Rehabilitative Exercise

Spinal Segments in your neck, lower back, rib cage, and pelvis are stretched and pulled, and also pushed into proper alignment by gently forcing the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems away from there incorrect positions. Over time, and with gentle amounts of of pressure, therapeutic/rehabilitative exercise can help restore proper alignment.

Sports Rehab

Rebuilding proper joint function of the spine and extremities while strengthening the supporting muscles and soft tissues is an important part in the healing of many sports related injuries.

Mechanical Traction

Proper posture and correct spinal curvature play a crucial role in your overall health. The curves in your spine act as shock absorbers, levers and resistance to gravity; they also reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nerve tissues. Various types of traction are used in our Noblesville office to restore proper spinal curvature. and the type of traction (spinal remodeling) prescribed will be customized based on your personal condition and situation.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Micro current electrical muscle stimulation helps reduce muscle spasms while promoting healing and reducing pain.

Heat/Cold Therapy

Depending on the age of your injury, we will use heat and cold therapy to help facilitate the healing process. Heat therapy helps to bring fresh oxygenated blood to help facilitate healing and cold therapy helps to reduce swelling and pain in a newer injury.

Myofacial Release

Dr. Beaber may use myofacial release techniques to help break up musculature adhesion and help facilitate the healing process.

Massage Therapy

Massage may be prescribed as part of your healing process. Adrien, our massage therapist, is the best in Noblesville. She will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and have you feeling better in no time.

Dr. Beaber is a leading expert in the care of nerves, muscles, bones and connective tissues that make up almost 60% of your body. Every one of your joints is part of the musculo-skeletal system, and having it functioning optimally is crucial for your overall good health

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