We are now in the heart of the Christmas season and many of you might be feeling a bit larger, like sumo wrestler larger. Well, have you ever wondered if sumo wrestlers are healthy or unhealthy? Or did you guess them to be unhealthy automatically because they are obese?


Want to know a chiropractor’s assessment of the situation? If so, I’ll give mine.

Is a sumo wrestler’s diet healthy?

No! Even though sumo wrestlers don’t eat processed foods and sugar, they eat fried food. Fried food creates free radicals that rapidly age the body. So the diet they eat is not good enough, according to my chiropractor standards.


How much does a sumo wrestler weigh?

A sumo wrestler weighs between 300 and 400 pounds. To get this big, he eats 5000 to 7000 calories each day. Surprisingly, though, their glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides are normal.


Yet, their BMI would be high. Chiropractors and other health professionals use BMI as a good overall predictor of health; it’s what all the insurance companies use to determine whether or not you’re at risk for disease or death. If a sumo wrestler weighs 350 pounds and is 5’11”, his BMI would be 48.8. This is clearly obese, and fraught with potential health problems.


If sumo wrestlers have big bellies, isn’t that visceral fat – the kind that can lead to a heart attack?

Interestingly, one study ran CT scans of fat in the bodies of sumo wrestlers. Yes, their bellies are big but most of the fat on the belly was stored right underneath the skin, not behind the stomach wall, and it didn’t surround the internal organs. The scientists stated that people who had visceral fat and weren’t wrestlers had twice as much fat around the internal organs as the wrestlers. Amazing! (It’s probably due to a low intake of sugar.)


Chiropractors also look at belly fat as a predictor of back problems. And since sumo wrestlers have plenty of belly fat pulling on their body, redistributing their weight, it’s a potential health problem.


How does exercise play a role in their health?

Working out intensely is one of the things that saves the health of the sumo wrestlers. Exercising keeps the glucose and fat out of the blood and stores it in body fat. Some of this is tied in with the hormone called adiponectin. One of the purposes of this hormone is to keep the fat from depositing around the internal organs.


As a chiropractor, my take on the issue is that sumo wrestlers are NOT healthy. What’s yours?

If the Christmas season has you feeling a bit like a sumo wrestler, please feel free to give our office a call. We have an incredible weight loss program that can really help you lose the holiday weight and get you back on track for an incredibly healthy 2018! Call us at (317) 776-1061 today and ask about our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program!

Happy Holidays!




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