What’s a soccer chiropractor? It’s a chiropractor that works on soccer players. Plain and simple. Of course, a soccer chiropractor is one that is well trained in sports injuries and sports chiropractic. He’s taken extra training courses and had to qualify for the sports chiropractic certification as well.


Below is a list of some of the top soccer injuries. Find out how each type of injury is benefitted by chiropractic.

Muscle-tendon injuries to the upper leg

Injuries to the quadriceps and hamstrings could heal faster when modern day chiropractic methods are used in a soccer chiropractor’s protocols. For example, muscle balancing techniques will assist in prevention of future injuries. Laser and some other modalities are known for their tissue recovery acceleration; in fact, the professional athletes have been using these techniques for decades. They work; just watch how quickly the athletes are back on the field after suffering from an injury.

Muscle-tendon injuries to the hip or pelvis.

Muscles and tendons are connective tissue, and connective tissue heals in certain ways. For example, one has to decrease inflammation first in the injured area in order for the injury to heal. This can’t be done with medicine, which has other effects.

Soccer chiropractors have numerous techniques to use to decrease the inflammation.

Knee injuries

These injuries include anterior cruciate ligament injuries and meniscus injuries. Because of the type of activity in soccer, it’s easy to develop these injuries. Whenever a limb is struck from the front, back or side, you can expect that the joint is out of alignment. Only a soccer chiropractor can re-align it. Healing will never be total without the realignment.


Experts state that concussions were 14 times more likely to occur during a soccer game than during practice. Any concussion no matter where it occurs is never a good thing!


How can a soccer chiropractor help a concussion? Well, a concussion is a blow to the head. The blow jars the alignment of the atlas and axis, which are the first and second cervical vertebrae. No one else can realign these vertebrae.


From all these injuries, you can tell that soccer is hard on the body’s muscles and skeleton. All the running and sudden direction changes can wreak havoc on the knees, ankles and spine. All the tackling that occurs is another big problem, too. What happens during tackling is never predictable, and injuries are common. Twisting of the spine is common in soccer, too, which puts pressure on nerves, joints and arms/legs.


A soccer chiropractor will re-align the spine and joints, release pressure on the nerves, and allow the soccer athletes’ bodies to perform at optimum performance. You can’t get much better than that.


And think about it. Modern medicine can never do any of this. So if you are an athlete in soccer, get yourself a soccer chiropractor!




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